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2018-10-24 18:18:00

As a shining pearl in the crown of industry, the aerospace manufacturing field integrates all the high and sophisticated technologies of a country, and is the backup support field for the implementation of national strategic plan and the display of political situation. As a brand new manufacturing technology, metal 3D technology has prominent application advantages and obvious service benefits in the field of aerospace. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
LDM150100 powder metal 3D printing equipment helps aerospace manufacturing technology to innovate to open up the future

2018-08-06 02:29:00

The online machining method is to remove the material by machining, remove the damaged layer leveling contact surface of the archway surface, and compensate for the enlarged size by increasing the thickness of the lining plate. This repair method is simple and convenient to operate, but it does not change the nature of the archway surface. After a period of use, the archway surface will be corroded and worn out and become invalid. Moreover, repeated mechanical processing will have a negative impact on the strength and stiffness of the archway. Considering the sensitivity of finishing mill to stiffness, there is not much machining margin, so this repair method can only be a temporary expedient.
Zhongke yuchen laser cladding technology: add new kinetic energy for steel industry

2018-04-19 02:27:00

The principle of laser-arc composite welding is that laser and arc are used as welding heat source together and act on the same workpiece at the same time. Arc can heat the welded metal surface, not only can make the workpiece internal porosity overflow but also can make the workpiece to reach its melting point and make it melt, thus reducing the reflectivity of the metal surface to the laser. When the laser irradiates on the surface of the metal being welded, a layer of plasma gas cloud will be generated above the metal being welded, and the laser will be absorbed by the welding material. So, this kind of welding method can not only improve the utilization rate of the laser, but also get larger penetration, welding process of melting drop transition is also more stable, so the laser - not only with traditional composite welding arc welding method of welding advantages, also has the laser welding welding advantages, overcomes the defect of other welding methods at the same time.
Application of laser - arc composite welding technology in butt welding of thick plate
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