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Inner hole laser machining head RN-100/RN-300

Inner hole laser machining head RN-100/RN-300

The standard configuration of that inn hole laser proces head comprises a robot connecting flange, a collimation module, an optical axis adjusting module, a light guide module, a focusing module, a reflecting module, a protective mirror module, a pow feeding module and the like, and is suitable for the inner hole laser cladding and quenching processes.

The standard configuration of that inn hole laser proces head comprises a robot connecting flange, a collimation module, an optical axis adjusting module, a light guide module, a focusing module, a reflecting module, a protective mirror module, a pow feeding module and the like, and is suitable for the inner hole laser cladding and quenching processes.

Less than 1500 mm

■ configure paraxial powder feeding module

■ wide - band cladding and wide-band quenching can be realized through the beam shaping module.

The detailed configuration is as follows:

■ suitable for fiber-coupled solid-state laser with different beam quality

■ optical fiber interfaces qih, llk - d;

■ the depth is less than 800 mm when the bore diameter is greater than or equal to 100 mm.

■ when the diameter of the inner hole is greater than or equal to 300 mm, the depth

■ water, gas, powder built-in design.

■ configuration of CCD module for coaxial video monitoring, accurate teaching of operating points, and observation of molten pool status during process.

■ equipped with double colorimetric thermometer, can be used for laser processing process molten pool temperature monitoring.

■ power collimation module for automatic zoom function.

■ a maximum laser power of 4kw can be loaded;

■ maximum mass 15k g.

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