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RC-WAAM-150100 arc 3D printer

RC-WAAM-150100 arc 3D printer

Wire arc additive manufacturing ( waam ) is an advanced digital manufacturing technology which uses the arc generated by cold metal transfer ( CMT ), tungsten inert gas welding ( TIG ) and plasma welding power supply ( pa ) based on MIG / mag as the heat source by using the principle of layer-by-layer surfacing, and gradually forms metal parts from wire - surface - body under the control of program through continuous addition of wire.

Working principle

Wire arc additive manufacturing ( waam ) is an advanced digital manufacturing technology which uses the arc generated by cold metal transfer ( CMT ), tungsten inert gas welding ( TIG ) and plasma welding power supply ( pa ) based on MIG / mag as the heat source by using the principle of layer-by-layer surfacing, and gradually forms metal parts from wire - surface - body under the control of program through continuous addition of wire.




Overall advantage

■ high wire utilization rate and high deposition forming efficiency;

■ no mold, short overall manufacturing cycle and low cost;

■ large molding size and high compactness;

■ in - situ composite manufacturing and repair capability;

■ waam technology has better microstructure and mechanical properties than casting technology.

■ save raw materials, especially precious metal materials, than forging technology products;

■ has the advantages of high deposition rate, low manufacturing cost and the like;


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